Heidi's Story

Heidi Munson was born April 14th, 1984 and was raised in Kent Washington.  She attended school in the Kent School District and was a student athlete and a member of the Kentwood High School gymnastics team and a Cheerleader.  After graduating high school in 2002 she began attending college to become a beautician and continued her cheerleading career for a semi-pro football team.  Heidi had a bright future and she embraced life to its fullest.  But on April 9th, 2004 her future and her dreams were cut short.      

Heidi had gone with a group of people to a park to celebrate a friend's birthday. On her way home that day, the car that Heidi was riding in was involved in a horrific car crash, where she and a 13 year old boy were killed. It was later determined that her driver was high on alcohol, methamphetamines, and marijuana at the time of the crash and he was driving with a suspended license and had no insurance.   

In the end, because of many poor choices, 7 people were involved and their lives were changed forever.  But the unfortunate part of these tragedies is that it doesn't only affect the people involved, but it also affects their families, their friends, and their communities.  This reality came crashing down on the Munson family and everyone involved that April day.            

For your sake and others, please dont drink and drive.  Some choices truly do have consequences.