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Eric Munson, Heidi's father, has worked in the prevention field since 2000.  His career began presenting character and safety programs to elementary aged children and now works as a Prevention/Intervention Specialist in the local school districts. 

After his daughter's death in 2004, he made a promise (Heidi's Promise)  that he would talk to as many people as he could about the results of drinking and driving and the tragedies that come with drug and alcohol use. 

Since that time he has become a very popular and well respected speaker for prevention events all across the nation.  His ability to connect with both youth and adults has brought a sense of realism to the audiences and has inspired many to make a conscious choice to not get involved with drugs and alcohol. 

His message is provocative, inspiring, heart-felt and real.  Whether it's an assembly, a classroom presentation, or his educational seminars, his passion is evident in all he does. His mission is to fulfill his promise, and with your help, he'd love to share Heidi's story and life with you.

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Underage Drinking - This program emphasizes the problems and the realities of underage drinking to our youth.  It gives current statistics and both educates and discusses the health issues, dangers, and the possible consequences that surround underage alcohol use.  This assembly-style program is presented by Eric Munson, who is both a Prevention Specialist and a parent who lost his 19 year old daughter in a crash caused by a DUI driver.

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Classroom Presentations

Drugs and Alcohol - This presentation(s) discusses the realities of drug and alcohol use.  It includes a basic overview of the current drugs being used and how they can affect you physically and psychologically.  It will also emphasize both the short term and the long term affects of drug use and the consequences that come with it.

Adult Education

Drugs and Alcohol - This presentation(s) will identify and discuss the drug use issues with our youth today.  It will include the signs and symptoms of drug use that a parent or guardian needs to watch for and a general overview of the drugs that our youth are using.  Also, the current trends and resources that are available for adults and parents. 

Programs/Materials Pricing

    Program / Material   Price    Details 
      Assemblies       $800
plus travel  
     Includes pictures, wristbands and posters
  Video "It's Not Just You"   $30.00  

35 minutes.

Includes shipping and handling

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