Prevention/Intervention Services

Heidi’s Promise Prevention/Intervention Services provides specialists in your schools to conduct evidence-based, best practice models of prevention and intervention services in each of our secondary schools that help youth identify the impact of drug/alcohol (D/A) use and build resilient attributes.


We can provide a confidential screening to help determine the D/A impact on the student and to provide recommendations for referrals. This service can also be accessed through school discipline situations. We can provide these services to the District through a yearly or multiple year contract. Heidi’s Promise is a non-profit organization specializing in Drug Prevention/Intervention Services. Collaboration and trust between students, parents, and school staff are the cornerstones of these services.


 Prevention/Intervention (P/I) Services Mission and Goals



Our Prevention/Intervention Services provide a collaborative and comprehensive school-based approach to prevent and intervene with student alcohol and other drug use.



Program Goals 


  • Reduce student risk of substance use
  • Strengthen student positive decision-making skills to avoid unhealthy behaviors
  • Provide referral and support services for students and families
  • Provide education for parents, schools and community

    The P/I Program is available to all High Schools, Junior High Schools and Middle Schools.

Heidi's Promise would be proud to partner with your school district to help students achieve academic and social success.  Our goal is to provide the knowledge, skills and         opportunities necessary for students to make healthy choices. Healthy choices contribute to personal growth, academic achievement and drug-free lifestyle.


Program Services


  • Support students and families impacted with drugs and alcohol
  • Consultation for parents and staff (interpreters are available upon request through the district)
  • Classroom presentations/education
  • School-wide prevention activities
  • Student skill-building support groups
  • Informational workshops for parents, PTSA, teachers and community members



General Referral Process


Parental involvement is a key to the program’s success. School personnel work together with prevention specialists as a problem-solving team to support students’ success. Students are referred for individual services through this teamwork.


§  May be requested by parent or student.

§  May result from a school discipline situation.

§  May come from school personnel when a student demonstrates actions which suggest risky health behaviors or       


A substance use screening is a barometer of possible risky behaviors that impact student’s success. Heidi’s Promise utilizes the nationally recognized Global Appraisal of Individual Needs (GAIN) substance abuse assessment.


For individual student screenings, the Prevention/Intervention Specialist meets with the student to gather information and to determine the level of risk for alcohol and other drug use or other risky behaviors.

Referrals can include individual counseling, drug/alcohol education classes, student support groups or drug/alcohol treatment. Substance use screenings are available at no cost to students and parents in your school district.

For more information, please contact Eric Munson, Executive Director of Heidi’s Promise at 206-790-8657 or