Feedback About Our Programs

Here are some messages we've received from the adults, students and other community members about the work we do.

From Students

  • "Dear Mr. Munson, Thank you for coming and speaking to our school.  I learned so much from your presentation.  It really hit me hard when you explained what happened to your daughter.  I normally dont get emotional at school but honestly, I cried.  Again thank you so much for opening my eyes and teaching me how precious life is. A. E."

  • "Thank you for coming to talk to our school about drinking and driving. I know how hard it is to discuss your loss but because of you, I am fully aware of the serious affects of drinking and driving.  Because of you I will never drink and drive and always encourage my friends and family not to either.  The consequences are great and I would never want to face them.  Thank you for everything.  You have no idea how much you have affected my life and future decisions.  K. A."

  • "Thank you for speaking to our school about the negative affects of drinking and using drugs.  I think many teens prefer to believe that nothing can happen to them and you've opened our eyes and took us away from that naive way of thinking.  Thank you for being so open and real with us, as well as answering all our questions.  A. J."

  • "We hear all the time sad tragic stories of young beautiful lives being taken away. Never before have I been touched by one of these stories like I was with yours. We as young adults feel invincible all the time. We have our future thrown at us and it looks so bright, but one time is all it takes to turn off the lights of your future, to flip that switch with an ‘accident’. My heart is with you and your family always. Your story made this ‘kid’ promise to herself that she won’t use drugs ever in her life. You are a very strong person and may healing and strength come your way all throughout life. Thank you. C. B."

  • "Thank you so much for coming in and telling your story. You opened up and were vulnerable and for that, I think you are quite brave. Your life story has touched me. It has made me think of my life and my decisions. I hope you continue to tell your story, and help teens like me. I really appreciate you taking your time and expressing your feelings. Thank you for your knowledge, your wisdom, further more your courage. G. G."

  • "I don’t know if you’ll read this but I’d like to thank you for coming and talking to your class. I think it’s amazing that after losing your daughter you dedicated your time to being a drug and alcohol counselor. Also instead of hating people who drink, you try to help them. Your story inspired me and was very touching. I know you coming and talking to us has changed my decisions. I used drugs before and quit a couple of weeks ago. Your talk reminded me why I quit, so thank you for putting your emotions on the line in front of so many kids. I wanted to let you know you are appreciated. Anonymous"